Beneficial for Your Skin Waxing at Home

By | May 23, 2018

Waxing is a good way to remove unwanted hair from the body. With this, hair grown on hands and feet can be easily removed every 4-6 weeks. You can be easily done waxing at home or at the parlor.

This is mainly of two types – cold waxing and hot waxing. In cold waxing the wax is applied directly to the skin and removed from the paper or cloth strip to remove the hair. In hot waxing at home the wax is melted by heating and after which it is applied on the skin and then the hair is removed from the paper or cloth strip.

Women do waxing to remove unwanted hair from the body so that their skin remains neat and tender. But do you know how many types of waxing are and what all the advantages and disadvantages are.

If you are waxing for the first time, it would be better to wax in the parlor. Skin is sensitive, so let’s wax at least 24 hours before going anywhere, because after waxing often the skin rises on the skin, which take one day to clean. Always make wax pullers. Do not get scorched with hot wax on hands and feet, for this, after reading the instructions on the pack of wax, heat more or less, because some wax was heated by heating, then some instructions were given to heat it up. Are there. Before applying the wax, either take a light ice cream on the skin, so that the part is numbed and the wax should not feel pain or put the powder, put the wax strip, then put the powder on the strip. Make curry wax on upper lip or chin.

Waxing at home, how and when?

Both types of waxing are beneficial for the skin. Waxing does not just leave unwanted hair but it also has many other benefits. It is cheap and easy, it takes less time. In addition, there are several other advantages of waxing:

  • Skin texture – After waxing the skin becomes very soft. Due to waxing, dry and dead skins are removed and the hair is removed so that touch with the touch of feathers is felt. There are also some waxes available in the market that are made to moisturize the skin. If your skin is more rigid then get waxing at home.
  • No irritation or itching – There is no burning or itching of the skin due to waxing. Many people get rid of hair removing cream etc. If your skin is more sensitive then use ordinary wax, it contains a small amount of chemical, so that the skin remains right. If you have light red rashes after waxing, then it means that the method of waxing was not correct. It is important for this to be properly waxed.
  • There is no injury – Waxing does not hurt anywhere in the skin nor does it cut, removing hair from the razor etc. keeps fear of skin, and the skin becomes rough.
  • Completely cleansing – Waxing can also remove small hair of the hands or feet easily, and the whole skin comes out clean but if you clean with cream or razor then hair will remain somewhere and four Within six days the skin will be very turbid.
  • Hair decreases – If you are continuously waxing, then gradually the hair fall greatly. No hair grow up to 4-6 weeks after waxing after one time.

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