Ways to Cure Wounds and Scars using Home Remedies

By | May 22, 2018

It feels horrible to have wound or Scars on your Skin or Face. When the wound is cured, its marks or scars remain, due to which the skin of that area starts getting worse. But you do not have to worry because here are some such home remedies that will use cure wounds and scars to wipe out.

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Cure Wounds and Scars using Home Remedies :

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants that fix the traces of the wound and correct the damaged skin cure wounds.

How to use coconut oil for scarring

take a spoonful coconut oil. Now place it on the affected area. Massage for a few minutes after applying. After massage, leave the oil felt like this on the skin. Repeat this process two to three times throughout the day for cure wounds.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has the effect of reducing inflammation properties which help reduce skin irritation and help in cleaning the dead skin. Apart from this, aloe vera also reduces skin inflammation, heals skin cells and makes new cells stronger.

How to use aloe vera for wound scarring

Aloe vera is found in the form of gel, anointment and lotion cure wounds. Apply any of these types of aloe vera to the affected area and massage. Repeat it several times a day.

Cucumber paste

Cucumber is very cheap and it is easily found anywhere. Cucumber is also benign for the skin, as well as its use seems to soften and soften the skin.

How to use cucumber to remove the stains of the wound

First, peel the cucumber and then cut it and remove the seeds from it. After removing the seeds, run the cucumber in the mixer for four to five minutes. Now take one egg in a bowl. Then combine both the materials together. Now place this paste on the wound mark. After applying it leave it like this for 20 minutes. Now wash the skin with cold water and then wipe it with clean towels. Repeat this process in a similar way daily.


Amla is a very good source of vitamin C and if it is applied immediately to the wound, it can prevent wounds or stains.

How to use Amla for the wound scarf

Amla gets in powder or paste. You can also make amla paste in the house itself. To make these paste yourself, add water or olive oil to Amla’s powder. After filling the wounds, massage this paste with a fine skin.

Onion juice

Onion juice contains inflammatory properties which reduce the production of collagen in the scar.

How to use onion juice to fix the wound mark

First of all, take out the juice of onion. Then place the onion juice on the area with the traces of the wound. After applying, let the juice stay like this for a few minutes. Now wash it well with water.


Raw honey helps to erase the scars of the wound. Raw honey is a natural moisturizer, effective in treating wounds and also helps in the formation of skin tissues.

How to use raw honey to erase wounds

First, mix two spoons of raw honey and two spoons baking soda. Now massage the wound for 3 minutes with this mixture. Then place a hot towel on the scar. When the towel starts to cool down, clean it with your skin.


The lemon contains “alpha hydroxy acid” which helps clean up dead cells and helps in the formation of new cells. This acid also has elasticity in the skin. Lemon is also a natural bleach, that is, it removes the traces of the wound.

How to use lemon to remove the scars of wounds

First of all clean the area around the scar. Now add one teaspoon lemon juice in a bowl and then dip the cotton wool. Now rub the cotton wool on the scars well. After rubbing, leave lemon juice on the scar of the lemon for ten minutes and then clean the area with water. Lemon juice can make your skin sensitive, so before sunflower on the skin before coming out.

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