Lip care for Dry Lips using Home Remedies

By | May 28, 2018

Use this Home remedy to make lips moisturized and soft. We often try to find the solution in internet but we don’t get the exact answer or the answer maybe so much expensive that we can’t afford it lip care for dry lips.

At  here, You will find some home remedies that will helpful for you to how to soften your lips to look beautiful by just using some home remedies which doesn’t cost much and beneficial.

Some Home Remedies to Cure Dry Lips

  • Use such lip cream or balm in which bevax or pyrachlorium jelly is found. While leaving the house, always apply that cream or balm on your lip care for dry lips.
  • Drink plenty of water so that the skin is always hydrated and moisture remains in the lips.
  • Always take a breath from your nose and not with your mouth.
  • The cracks fall on the edges of the lips, which are due to the lack of vitamin B2. You should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to get healthy lumps.
  • A good lip balm is found in Jojoba oil, Shiila Butter and Vitamin E, which transports moisture in the lips. In addition to this, there is also SPF 6 to avoid harmful sunlight.
  • Aloe vera gel is the natural remedy for lips. You took out the juice of the Aloe Vera and apply it on your lips. In the winter the lips dry out and the lips break through the cold. You will not have any side effects due to Aloe Vera is the natural herb.
  • To take care of Your lips, make a juice of Kakadi, which is called Kukumbur, and apply it on your lips. Within 7 days, you will stop being choked with cold or drying lips.
  • Many people use sunscreen to protect the lips from ultra-violet rays, which is absolutely correct.
  • If your lips are torn very badly then apply honey on it. By applying this, your torn lips will not hurt because it contains antiseptic which will help to cure the lip care for dry lips.
  • While choosing a lip balm, see that it does not contain elements such as alcohol, menthol or retinol as it only suits in summer days.
  • If you want a lovely lip then leave smoking and alcohol permanently. Smoking causes wrinkles on the lips and drinking alcohol causes lips to become rude.
  • If you want to have your lips dry then you should use honey. Mix glycerin with honey and apply it on your lips for 7 days. Doing this, you can treat dry and torn Lips.

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