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Dried Dead Skin ? Here’s Best Home Remedy

There are so many common health related issues and problem occur on the change of environment. You may face lot of difficulties at your work place and at home. But You do not have to be worry. We found some home remedies to get solve so many kind of health issues. Have a look… You… Read More »

Beauty Tips for Men | Home Remedies | Ayurveda

It is not only necessary for women to take care of skin as well as men also need to pay the same attention. Men’s skin is more rigid than women, due to which ordinary soap, lotion and cream are neutralized on them. Men should regularly take care of their skin, for which the following are… Read More »

Dark Circles Treatment at Home

Use this Dark Circles Treatment at Home to get charming and lovely face. Having dark circles around the eyes is becoming a common problem nowadays. Many women keep potato and cucumber pieces on their eyes to get rid of it, but do you know that the combination of cold milk and almond oil can also… Read More »

Lip care for Dry Lips using Home Remedies

Use this Home remedy to make lips moisturized and soft. We often try to find the solution in internet but we don’t get the exact answer or the answer maybe so much expensive that we can’t afford it lip care for dry lips. At  here, You will find some home remedies that will helpful for… Read More »

Beneficial for Your Skin Waxing at Home

Waxing is a good way to remove unwanted hair from the body. With this, hair grown on hands and feet can be easily removed every 4-6 weeks. You can be easily done waxing at home or at the parlor. This is mainly of two types – cold waxing and hot waxing. In cold waxing the… Read More »

Ways to Cure Wounds and Scars using Home Remedies

It feels horrible to have wound or Scars on your Skin or Face. When the wound is cured, its marks or scars remain, due to which the skin of that area starts getting worse. But you do not have to worry because here are some such home remedies that will use cure wounds and scars… Read More »

Chicken Pox Home Remedies Treatment

Chicken Pox home remedies Verisella is a disease caused by infection with zoster virus. It is very contagious and spreads by carrying inhaled substances. In this, there is a fever and the body gets bruised, in which there is sharp itching. Apart from this, bacterial infections in the skin, pneumonia and swelling in the brain… Read More »

Fungal Infection Symptoms – Types, Treatment

It is very common to have fungal infection symptoms. Fungal infections occur in humans, when a fungus dominates any part of the body and our immune system can not fight it. This starts to affect our body. Fungus can be in air, soil, water and plants. There are also some fungi, which naturally reside in… Read More »

Skin Fairness Treatment for Hand and Legs

As our face needs care, so the feet and hands also need to be cared for. And this is not only the fingertips of hands or feet of hands or feet, the most delicate part of the hands and feet, and hence their proper care is also very important. Clean and healthy nails not only… Read More »

Lip Care Tips & Home Remedies

Laughing, smiling face makes everyone feel loved. And if our lips are pink then the beauty of our face increases even more. But going out in the sun, smoking, and not properly maintaining lips, our lip care tips become black. Black lips fade the beauty of the face. Girls resort to lipstick to remove the… Read More »