Right Time to Get Pregnant – Full Guidance and Advice

By | June 29, 2018

At here, You will see that what is right time to get pregnant.

Being a mother to any woman is the most beautiful experience of life. Not only that, but all of the people associated with it also get excited about this feeling. With the arrival of a child the atmosphere of the whole house changes forever. Although being pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby is probably the toughest thing in this world.

The time to get pregnant is between 20 to 25 years of age. Then there seems to be some delay in the age of 25 to 30. But 30 to 35 age increases the risk. It shown that having 30 pregnancies also results in hormonal changes which increase the risk. The egg that is formed in the kidney does not completely cure.

It is associated with periods. By making relationships, the chances of being pregnant is more. After seven days of period, the ovulation cycle starts and that periods remains for seven days. This time also called Fertile Stage.

right time to get pregnant

There can be many reasons for not being able to get pregnant. There can be both physical and mental reasons. There is a lack of knowledge and information behind these reasons. But, in addition to all these reasons there is also another reason that the effect falls on women’s ability to get pregnant – and that is the reason why do not have sex at the right time. Most couples are unaware that the ‘timing’ of sex in pregnancy matters very much.

Sex time to get pregnant should be in the morning, because in the morning, you get refreshed. The gynecologist says, ‘For women who have regular periods, to be pregnant, after sex, in the interval of ten days after sex, there is more chance of getting pregnant and irregular periods in which period cycle for pregnancy, have sex at regular intervals (between 20 days of bicycle). ‘

In the past time, the marriage was done at right time, but now the time has changed. Marriages are more in that age of time and after that, husband and wife also spend at least two years in family planning. Between 22 and 28 years is best for getting pregnant. The main reason for this is that at this age the female will get prepared in both physically and mentally.

To know more about right time to get pregnant, it is as important to be aware of when to have sex. To ignore this fact, it is also difficult to get pregnant most of the times. Let’s know about the time when sex is more likely connected to get pregnant than in the month. Conception of the sperm of a male is passed from the genital to the womb. The conception of the sperm from the egg of the woman and the process of fertilization is only conceiving.

According to the gynecologist, ‘On the 14th day of menstrual cycles, ovulation is on 14th day, which is counted since the beginning of the period, during this period between 12 and 18 days, pregnancy occurs.’

Men just take care of their satisfaction and do not care about their wife’s affection. Such women have difficulties in conceiving. If a woman receives orgasms at a time of coitus, the probability of pregnancy increases to a great extent. Because then the sperm of men gets the time and the atmosphere to go to the right place and sperm survive for longer periods of time.

According to other gynecologist, “There is no special day of sex to get pregnant, just trust in the regular sex life and eat folic acid tablets three months before baby planning.”

After seven days of circulation cycle or period, the ovulation cycle starts, and it lasts for seven days before the onset of menstruation or period. Ovulation period is the time in which the woman can conceive and this condition is also called the Fertain stage. For pregnancy, whenever you have sex, count the ovulation periods only. Find out your ovulation cycle. You can also contact the doctor for this.

To get pregnant, it is not necessary to have sex only, but it is also worth making physical relations at the right time. the sperm of men is always almost the same, which can make the woman pregnant. But the woman’s body is not like that can ever be pregnant. She has a certain time, there is a small duration. If you identify with that period and cooperate at that time, the probability of pregnancy increases surprisingly.

Organism is also a very important factor for getting pregnant. During relationships, if the woman receives orgasm, the probability of pregnancy increases very much. Apart from this, if any women want to be pregnant, first of all, do your full body test. Take a checkup with particular polycystic ovarian cyst.

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