Bipolar Disorder or Depression – Symptoms, Treatment, Cure

By | June 14, 2018

Depression is also increasing in today’s routine life. But due to lack of awareness about it many times people do not realize that suffering from bipolar disorder. Children also being the victims of depression, which is mainly due to stress or chemical inability. Consult the doctor on the symptoms of bipolar disorder in your children.

With the help of some symptoms, it can be identified that the child is suffering from depression. In this case, you should take care of the child’s mental health so that they can emerge from serious problems like depression. Let’s know what are the signs of depression in children.

Here are the Common Signs that You’re in bipolar disorder

  • Such cases arise in which people who take difficult steps due to depression and take their lives. We are telling you that there should be no such untoward happening to you or those around you
  • If there is a pleasant atmosphere around you, or someone is joking, therefore, your face does not smile or laugh. If you feel that nothing is giving you happiness in your life and you are constantly stressed, you are a victim of depression.
  • The victim loses interest in everything. They does not reach anywhere on time because all things lose his meaning for them. They can not meditate on the work he is given. Weirdness goes home from all this in their mind.
  • If you are active on a social network throughout the day, and actually do not meet with a friend or relative, you have become a victim of depression. You start to feel that there is a world of good social media from the outside world. You get so many songs and how many comments it makes a lot of benefit for you.
  • People who are suffering from bipolar disorder often start consuming alcohol to suppress their feelings and make them happy. But this habit can prove to be fatal.
  • Emotions are things that make us truly human. But the person suffering from bipolar disorder starts feeling low.
  • The person just thinks about themselves. What will be the effect on any of his sayings or any raised will stop thinking about it.
  • The desire to do anything of depressed person dies Everytime. They does not even clean their room. They even loses their own attention.
  • Depression does not make you feel that your weight is starting to lose. Your appetite is greatly reduced. There is a weakness in the body, but you do not even want to eat when you feel hungry.
  • Lack of sleep is an indication of bipolar disorder. The person just keeps thought while thinking about sleeping. Due to being alone they did not tell their feelings to anyone, it keeps talking in their mind, which does not bring them sleep. That is why the person is feeling tired all day long. It starts affecting their behavior and work.
  • Due to depression, there is an impact on everyday processes. Because of which hunger does not look and weight starts to lose. Due to bipolar disorder, growing children can not get the necessary weight.
  • Insomnia is the main symptom of depression. The children do not sleep, and also while sleeping, that has to face difficulties. If your child is suffering from a long sleep problem, then he/she may be a victim of depression.
  • If small things make you irritable, or if you wake up in the morning, your mood is off, which remains on the day, and if someone does not love you, then they are signs of depression.
  • Due to depression, the person often feels the lack of energy. If your child is feeling fatigue and lack of energy for a long time, then he may be a victim of bipolar disorder.
  • People around you start getting away due to irritation. You do not even want anyone to come to you. If you are mostly alone and do not even become part of any social meal, be cautious because it is a sign of depression.
  • Due to lack of chemical balance in the brain, the child has difficulty in thinking, understanding and does not make decisions easily. In such a situation, the child often feels difficulty in meditation and does not take any decision from themselves.
  • Due to depression, there is a bad effect on mental health and this is why children often become depressed. For a long time if your child is depressed and becomes irresponsible then it is a sign that he has become a victim of bipolar disorder.

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