Lower Sperm Count ? Its Time to do Something Right Away

By | September 12, 2018

Lower Sperm Count ? Then Try to figure out some bad habits. If you are not getting the results of family planning even after many efforts, then once again, consider your poor habits too responsible for it.

In Today’s lifestyle and eating habits are not only affecting our bodies but also affecting on our body’s hormones and fertility. The thing does not end there as your habit also works like a oil in fire to increase these problems too. This news is for those men who can bring their sperm counts from up to minus with some bad habits.

This habit has been connected in such a way that it may not seem to be wrong now. If you are struggling with such a problem, check it up with your habits to see that if you are not the victims of those habits.

At here, we will see that what are the bad habits that reason behind for lower sperm count

  • The habit of keeping Smartphone or Mobile in the Pocket for a Long Period of Time

Keeping mobile in shirts would have given you the danger of having heart disease, but do you know that if it is placed in a pocket pocket, it will also be harmful. This will directly affect your sperm and start reducing the sperm count. Research has claimed that the effect of mobile radiation on Sperm is so much that if it is kept in the pocket for a long period of time everyday then its a chance up to 9 percent of sperm can decrease every month.

  • High Consumption of Sugar Drinks or Alcohol

Cold drinks, sugar base drinks or similar drinks directly affect your sperm. Not only this, if you are used to drinking beer or more alcohol, you still have a threat to your sperm. Sugar is very high in carbonate drinks, and the result will be the process of making the sperm gets slower.

  • Using Laptop from the Lapel

Testicles should generally have two degrees cold, but the habit of placing the laptop in the lap damages your sperm. The warm air from the laptop increases the temperature of the body, especially in the same area where there’s more effect to the tactical.

  • Wearing Tight Jeans or Pants

Even if you wear a tight pants, you may be look smart for yourself but this is not right for your sperm. Wearing tight clothes is less likely to pass the air. It keeps the heat there and makes the reason of the reduction of sperm.

  • Messy Lifestyle

Today’s lifestyle is also are the reason behind for the reducing the production of sperm. The More oily food, hard drinks, lack of sleep or waking or sleeping late, high stress disorder, just works to reduce the number of sperm.

If you really change the way of Lifestyle then read this article which will help you to organize up your day with so many health benefits – Healthy Living Lifestyle Science

Note: Decreasing the sperm count will not let complete your dream of family planning . There are so Many reasons are responsible for this. Just Keeping mobile in pockets, laptops or lifestyles are not responsible for it.

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