Tongue care Tips and Effective Home Remedies

By | June 21, 2018

Tongue care Tips and Home Remedies. On the name of cleanliness of the mouth, people usually clean the tooth. But do not pay attention to the tongue present inside the mouth. As a result, our mouth is left unhappy.

It is important for you that you know how the tongue should be cleaned because many types of bacteria are living on the tongue. A white layer gets accumulated above the tongue. Dirt of the tongue leads to deterioration in the teeth and bad smells of breath. Cleaning the tongue is a very easy task.

The tongue feels very uncomfortable due to burning or barking. Because of this, it creates trouble when we try to eat and drink. The blister on the tongue can be cured with the help of some effective home remedies.

There is a lot of pain due to burning on the tongue. Because of which eating and drinking causes irritation and pain. Along with this, some people do not even know the taste for some time due to ulcers. There may be many reasons behind the blisters on the tongue. Many things like yeast infections, excessive smoking, sudden loss of the tongue, become the cause of blisters.

Tongue care Tips and Home Remedies

Tongue scrapping

Scrapping tongue is an most effective and common technique from many techniques of cleaning the tongue. You can use a plastic or metal scrapper to clean the tongue. Keep in mind that you do not press the scraper very hardly. It can be the cause bleeding.


After eating the mouthwash will clean out the bacteria from your tongue, which is responsible for the bad breath. It will keep Oral Health as well as keeping the tongue safe.

Saline water

Regular mouth washing with saline water will also work as a mouthwash. It will prevent bacterial infection on the tongue. Also, it will not allow the remaining food to rot in the mouth so that the problem of bad breath and stomach will go away.


Yogurt contains anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing inflammation. Along with this there are antibacterial and antioxidants which help in reducing bacterial infection. For this, you take 1 bowl of curd everyday.

Salt and water

Salt is also called sodium chloride which helps reduce the pain of swelling and blisters. The antibacterial properties present in the salt help to reduce bacterial infection. First, after mixing a small spoon of salt in hot water, make this garlic twice a day with this water.

Use the back portion of the toothbrush

There are many toothbrushes whose back part is rugged. You can use it to clean the tongue.

Green tea

The green tea benefits the body in a variety of ways. It also removes bacteria from the mouth. By drinking green tea, your tongue will remain clean.

Before and after meal

Many people recommend that mouth should be cleaned after food. But research has revealed that you should wash your mouth before eating. From this the bacteria present on the tongue will not go into the stomach.

Regular cleaning

Whatever you have been told about cleanliness of the tongue here, you should take them all into practice. By implementing these things not only will your health be better, but you will also be able to achieve a healthy and pink tongue.

Ginger and garlic

Both ginger and garlic contain anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the pain of the tongue on the tongue. Along with this there are antimicrobial properties which help fight bacteria. Chew ginger and garlic buds to remove the ulcer.

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