Seasonal Health Problems – Monsoon, the Home of Diseases

By | September 18, 2018

The Season of Monsoon is the home of diseases. Most bacteria-insects are active in this season, because this environment is favorable to them. Bacteria grow constantly due to the presence of temperature and humidity. This is the reason that at this time the most risk is viral.

The effect of these days is increasing, because the diseases like dengue, malaria, viral and fever are surrounded by many people. Viral occurs because the body’s lower immunity system can’t fight to it. It is really important that the people have to maintain the body’s immune system properly, then they can stay away from these diseases.

There are some essential diet, by following which you can boost your body’s immune system and stay away from the diseases.

What are the Remedies of Seasonal Health Problems

Start to Consume Curd and Tomato

Curd and Tomato contain antioxidants which can be very beneficial if you habituate and eat everyday then the body’s immunity power grows up gradually.

Balanced Dieting

Balanced diet is essential for healthy living. Doctors say that the items made from pulses, rice and wheat are included in the grains.

It’s advised to Avoid Chinese foods. These food made of high quantity of flour and even it includes the low amount of vegetables. In this case, it is an unhealthy for the body, because the consumption of vegetables becomes low.

Start Your Day with Dry Fruits

It is advisable to eat dry fruits on everyday meals. Dry Fruits like; Walnut, almonds, peanuts, chickpeas are the very good source to get Zinc and Vitamin D to the Body. Just because of that it will be helpful to increase the immunity power.

You can also try to consume these dry fruits with Milk and Cheese.

Make Some Distance from Frozen Items

There are so many varieties of flavors are avail of frozen items. Some Nutrition Experts says that the there’s very low nutrition value in frozen items just because those foods reproduced and the result will negatively affect to your health.

It is recommend to eat the things which are fresh, which contains the high amount of vitamins and protein.

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