Nail Polish Side Effect – Increased body Weight

By | September 26, 2018

Did you know that the nail polish that you’re applying is really harmful for your health? It could increase your weight. Yeah, you’ll look beautiful by this but it doesn’t more important than good health.

So, What are the Nail Polish Side Effect ?

The chemical triphenyl phosphate used in nail polish causes significant damage to the body. It also called TPHP. According to Naturopath, some studies have revealed that TPHP causes disturbances in endocrine, which directly means that it affects our hormonal system. Because of this, there may be also reason for the other problems besides weight gain.

It is tested and proven

More than two dozen of women were took a part in this study. It found that after 10 to 14 hours of applying a nail polish, the chemicals used in nail polish (TPHP) that was found in the body of those women. The study said that the most worrying thing is that the nail polish is being sold to women and girls, and they are also using it in a big amount. Even more worrying thing is that after just applying the nail polish, the chemicals goes inside the body.

You Need to take care

Reasearcher tested 10 nail polish and found the TPHP chemical about 8 of them. The Experts suggested that whenever you go to buy a Nail Polish then You must check that what are the chemicals are being used and do some Google, whether its harmful or not.

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