How to Blood Pressure Control

By | May 11, 2018

Today high blood pressure in the entire world i.e. the hypertension remains a serious problem. In common language we call it High Blood Pressure (BP). This is a deadly disease. High Blood Pressure is like a calm volcano, which does not show any signs or danger from outside, but when the volcano bursts, there can be serious consequences like paralysis and heart attack on our body blood pressure control. Earlier it was believed that this problem is a problem of old people, but the problem of hypertension in the changing environment is spreading in children and young people too.

There are many factors of blood pressure in the body such as the amount of water and salt in the body, blood vessels and the condition of the main organ such as kidney, position of the nervous system and the level of an individual’s hormone.

Measuring of Blood Pressure : The unit of measuring blood pressure is millimeter / mercury (mm.Hg). It is measured with the Sphygmomanometer. Blood pressure is measured in two numbers. For example, the Adolescent’s Blood Pressure is considered 120/80 mm / Hg. While its measurement is 140/90 mm / Hg it is considered to be high blood pressure.

What is Blood Pressure : Blood pressure is said to increase blood pressure in the arteries. Arterial body contains blood vessel which transports blood from the heart to all the organs and tissues.

Blood Pressure Control

  • The main reason for heredity is that. If a family has a problem of high blood pressure, their next pain also suffers from this problem. This happens because of the transition of one’s genes from one generation to another.
  • Research have shown that obesity is a very main cause of high blood pressure. The risk of high blood pressure in a fat person increases very much compared to that of a normal person.
  • Not taking part in sports, exercise, and physical activity also increases the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, failure of kidneys, weakening of blood vessel, etc. leads to high blood pressure due to diseases.
  • As the age of the person increases, the blood vessels become weak with the help of which the problem of high blood pressure arises.
  • If that person is in a lot of stress due to some reason.
  • If that person consumes a lot of alcohol in a day or consumes alcohol, it may still be a problem of high blood pressure problem.

Follow up Home Remedies

  • Remedies for high blood pressure, stay away from stress. Try to stay away from stress-related things. You can also resort to yoga to relieve stress.
  • Garlic is a very helpful home remedy to repair blood pressure control. It does not let the blood clot grow. And keeps cholesterol under control.
  • Home remedies for high blood pressure, try to reduce body weight. Treatment for High BP, do the right type of exercises, so that the benefits can be found.
  • Participate in home remedies for high blood pressure, weight loss, quit smoking and physical exercise camps. This will provide accurate results.
  • Grind five basil leaves and two neem leaves, dissolve them in 20 grams of water and drink empty stomach morning. In 15 days profit will be seen.
  • Salt is a major factor in increasing blood pressure. Therefore, people of high BP should reduce the use of salt.
  • Grind the melon seeds of the watermelon and grind them into equal amounts and grind them. Take a spoon of it daily in the morning.
  • Papaya also benefits a lot for patients with high blood pressure control, chew and chew the empty stomach daily.
  • Berries and Sahajan puffs are very beneficial for high blood pressure patients.
  • Like onions and garlic, ginger is also very beneficial. They also get relief from muscles around the arteries, which cause high blood pressure.
  • Fenugreek is found to have the right to keep blood pressure control correct. The use of fenugreek is done in many ways, in fenugreek is also used as a spice. But taking fenugreek with plain water for blood pressure is a good treatment. For this, grind fenugreek and make powder and put it in a closed compartment. Drink it with a spoon mixed with lukewarm water in the empty stomach every morning.
  • Mix half spoonful of cinnamon powder in hot water and mix it well. Drinking this mixture prevents blood pressure from being controlled. This experiment should be done regularly in the stomach.

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