Get Vaccinated If You have Weak Immunity System

By | September 15, 2018

Get Vaccinated if you have really weak and poor immunity system. Vaccine is a one type of a biological chemical. It has Micro bacteria which increases the resistance and fight against many diseases. If the vaccination can not be done in time, then take the booster dose with the consultation from the doctor. This allows the body to fight against many diseases.

How and Why Should You get Vaccinated

Get Vaccinated to prevents from these diseases

Vaccination is an essential to prevent diseases like; chickenpox, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, HIV, Stroke, HPV, cough, tetanus, brain fever, measles, herpes zoster, polio, pneumococcal virus ie pneumonia, rotavirus, rubella etc.

When to do vaccinations

  • The vaccine of BCG, hepatitis and polio is given immediately after the birth of the baby.
  • On one and a half months the vaccine of DPT, polio, hepatitis B-Haemophilis and rotavirus,
  • with the dose of polio at six months, is done in three vaccines of influenza.
  • In the ninth month, the first measles vaccine was used, now it is vaccinated with MMR and polio drinks.
  • Hepatitis A vaccine at the age of one year,
  • DPT in the 15-18th month puts the second dose of MMR with typhoid.
  • Typhoid vaccine over two years.
  • At the age of five, a mumps, DTP, measles, rubella, chickenpox vaccine is found.
  • At the age of ten, tetanus and diphtheria vaccines are found.
  • Also, continue to drink polio vaccine. .

Red marks on skin, Normal symptoms:

After vaccination, light fever, body aches, swelling, red marks on the skin, forming knots around injection area are common symptoms. When fever comes, wipe the body of the child with light wet cloth. the fever is the reason because of the MMR, the child sleeps less and cries more. Check the expiry date of the vaccine on the time of vaccinations. Apply only according to the vaccine international guide line.

When not to get vaccinations:

Children with the Cancer, AIDS and poor immunity should be vaccinated on medical advice. If the child has high fever or allergy, then take the vaccine after consultation by the doctor.

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