Clean Nails at Home Fast and Naturally

By | April 30, 2018

Every woman feels good to have their long and slender nails cut in front of everyone. When you have not put nail polish on the nail, you feel that your nails look natural white. It is not possible to do manicure every day, so if you want your natural clean nails at home white then follow our beauty tips.

There’s Four long moons in your hands with long and beautiful nails. These prove to be a precious tool for any woman to measure beautifulness. But keeping nails long and caring for them is not easy. That’s because nails are hollow with nature, so they can break after using more hands.

Long nails are the signs of beauty and health. Many people want long and strong nails. If your nails are raucous and always break, then with a few easy steps you can increase your clean nails at home by keeping them healthy.

There are some clean nails at home made tips

  • Lemon is a nature manicure material. Just rubbish the nails with lemon and find white and bright nails sitting at home.
  • Mix lemon juice in the soap solution and dip your hands only for 4 to 7 minutes. After this, wash your hands with clean water and apply the cream on it.
  • If you want white nails, add baking powder to hot water and put it in it. Do this only once a week, not everyday every day.
  • Vegetable juice and fruit juices contain acid, which is harmful to the nail, so wash the hand with the tap water after cutting the vegetables or fruits.
  • Proteins, calcium, potassium, vitamins ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and iron elements are also essential for the manufacture and health of nails. These elements are filled with soybean, pulses, lush fruits, leafy vegetables.
  • You can also get white nails by using toothpaste. Wash toothpaste with hot water by putting it on the nails for 4 to 8 minutes.
  • Dip your nails into hot olive oil, you should do it at least 1 time in 10 days, this will keep your nails healthy and clean.
  • Put a little salt in hot water and keep your nails in it for at least 5 minutes. After finishing the nails properly, apply moisture supplement cream on it.
  • Massage with curative oil or baby oil on the nails and tricks before sleeping. Use any good cream after this.
  • Taking one tablet of calcium lactate with hot water thrice a day, the nails are strong.
  • By grinding pomegranate leaves, the pain caused by breaking of the nails gets cured.
  • Do not always put nail polish in the nails, let them sometimes get windy.
  • Soak the nails in a small quantity of milk. They will become beautiful and strong.
  • Avoid nail bites or chewing habits.
  • After bathing, clean your nails too, keep your nails soft and clean.
  • Care of nail care and cleanliness should be taken care of. Keep nails beautiful, it is important that health is also good.
  • Wear gloves for the safety of your hand and whenever you are doing a home, do not remove the gloves. This will not make your nails worse.
  • Wash hands with soap soon after working on the kitchen, but do not wash hands with soap quickly.
  • For nail polish not dry, put some drops of nail varnish in the nail polish bottle and keep it in the fridge. Keep in mind that not too much varnish, otherwise the nail polish will be very thin.
  • Washing powder, detergents etc loses the shine of the nails. Therefore, use the gloves when washing clothes.

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