Bone Health Home Remedies – Make Strong Bones at Home

By | June 18, 2018

Bone Health Home Remedies for strong and complex bones. Bones are a rock-hard substance, with changes in age and lifestyle, bone density decreases due to slow bone formation. You may face difficulty in walking, you experience pain in the bones, and in the winter there can be worse condition due to cold.

Along with all the organs of our body, our bones also place in important positions. The Reason behind the Body Growth is all up to bones. Therefore, the stronger you are, the stronger you will be. But if you do not eat the proper nutrients in your diet, then due to the lack of proper nutrients, the bones become weak and stop growing.

Apart from this, many problems related to bones are also increasing rapidly by working on the computer throughout the day. So, to make your body healthy and strengthen the bones, take these tips and get a healthy bones.

Bone is the most important part of the body, the stronger it is, the better you will be. But nowadays it has been seen that children who go to school and do not like to drink milk at all, due to which their bones may get worse in the future. Therefore, every parent should know that they should give milk to their child with any excuse.

So, have a look at down to know what are the bone health home remedies.

Bone Health Home Remedies

Nutritious breakfast

Take a good diet to keep the body healthy. Add nutritious items such as walnuts, linseed, almonds and peanuts to your breakfast daily. Almonds and peanuts help in bone-formation due to protein and other nutrients. Apart from this, nutritious and lactic intake provides omega-3 fatty acid nutrients which help in strengthening bones.


To make the bones strong, you can increase the amount of calcium in your diet. For this you should consume more calcium rich foods like milk, curd and cheese in your diet. Consider yogurt and paneer in diet instead of milk.

Vitamin D
To strengthen the bones, be sure to include calcium as well as a diet containing vitamin D. Most vitamin D is found in egg yolk. Also sit in the sunlight for a while because body receives vitamin D even from sunlight.


Potassium does not directly make our bones strong, but it helps in calcium removal materials from the body. Banana contains enough amount of potassium.


According to doctors, the use of iodized salt is essential for bones, but excessive consumption of salt is harmful to the bones because it consumes calcium from urine due to excessive salt, which can make the bones weak, hence do not eat much salty foods.

Natural calcium from gemstones

Ayurveda treatment for osteoporosis includes natural calcium sources such as gemstones. Biofluhy can be obtained from Calcium Mukta Pisti (Pearl Calcium), Praval Pisti (Coral Calcium) and Acik Pisti (Agate Calcium). If you are suffering from low bone mineral density, then select calcium from these gem powder.

Restrict salt

Mineral reduces the amount of calcium in the body and calcium formed in the body emits from your body through urine. To conserve your calcium resources and enjoy good health, eat less salty food in diet plan.

Eat rich food items in Vitamin D and Phytestagrons

Consumption of foods, seeds, leafy vegetables and dairy products can give you vitamin D in much more essential. This fat soluble vitamin is Ayurveda home remedies for strong bones because fat is the best answer to the imbalance. Ghee or clarified butter is a great addition to your diet for healthy bones. This is the far better way for bone health home remedies.

Since bone density is closely related to female hormone estrogen, Therefore consider eating foods rich in fotostrogen (plant estrogen). Include soybean, lentils, beans and chana in your daily diet.

Exercise to lose weight

When your body weight increases, its direct effect affects the bones of your feet first, due to overweight due to which your bone is weak and after one age it starts getting worse. If you do, then exercise your weight loss course.

The light of the sun is the only solution

10-15 minutes in the morning, by taking the heat of the sun, your bones are strong, the sun emerges from the morning is very beneficial for your bones, and Vitamin D is the only effective reaction.

Include dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, dairy products in your diet as it is a good choice of vitamin D and can make bones better.

Do not smoke, it decreases the intensity of your bones and the bones will damage.

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