Strengthen Your Hair Growth by Natural Tips at Home

By | April 17, 2018

There are tons of products and therapy used to make hair stronger,hair growth and healthier. But just because of Some Harmful products like conditioner, Wax, Hair Gel, Hair Spray, etc (Excluding Natural Products), You look like an old men/women in premature age. In this article, we are going to share some useful and important tips to our readers about maintaining the natural care of your hair, which used to treat to make your hair strong, black and shiny.

Losing or Carelessness of Your Hair becomes an headache of Every Person. For Example; how the problem of letting child come to be overcome and how can he be nurtured. After making the child, spoiling, polluting them, and harassing him on every kind, give your child some rest Is needed.

Natural Tips for Hair Growth and Care

  • Gooseberry :¬†From childhood I have heard that Amla is also good for hair with health. This beneficial fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is good for hair growth.
  • Fenugreek : Many people are troubled to maintain the hair color. Fenugreek contains protein and nicotinic acid, which is beneficial for hair. The paste for grinding seeds with water in a grinder to make. Put a little coconut oil and apply it on your hair and scalps for about half an hour. Wash with the use of light shampoo. Apart from the development of hair, it will also maintain its natural color.
  • Egg shell : Older times used to say that egg is also beneficial for hair with health. In today’s times too many people do not shy away from its use. It contains sulfur, iron, zinc, selenium, iodine and phosphorus, along with the amount of protein that helps in the development of good dense hair.
  • Coconut Milk : Dr. Blossom Kochar says that coconut milk is the best recipe for good hair growth as it contains plenty of iron, potassium and fat.

Some Hair Care Tips to be noted

  • Mix egg and tea leaf water in Mehndi and leave it for overnight and put it on the head.
  • Mix cornflour paste of coconut and rosemary oil and wash the head for fifteen minutes.
  • Grind the onion and take out two spoons of juice. Massage this juice with the hair light hands.
  • Mix two spoons olive oil in the egg and massage it in the head.
  • Potato contains a stock of vitamin A and C. Apply the juice for half an hour in the hair and then wash it.
  • Bring the Vitamin E capsules in castor oil and put it in the head. It works like a nutritious nutrient for hair.
  • Mix aloe vera gel in coconut oil and mix it in hair roots. This will also make the hair taller and increase its age.
  • Aritha and Amla also nourish hair. Make a paste of this and apply it on the hair. This will nourish the hair.
  • Heat the mustard oil and mix coconut oil, sesame oil and castor oil and massage the head with this super oil. It is beneficial in every way for the hair.
  • By consuming aloe vera, hair gets nourished and hair is dense and soft.
  • Mix aloe vera gel in coconut oil and mix it in hair roots. This will also make the hair taller and increase its age.

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