Eye Care Tips and Home Remedies

By | April 21, 2018

With these eyes, you see the world. Examine the world, and of course, you feel great when you look yourself in a mirror with these eyes. The beauty of the world is seen only by the eyes. Eyes are always active like your heart and when you get tired then your eyes will also get tired.Eyes will also fall sick if you do not have the time to care. It is an important part of our body, and even in the Vedas the eyes are said to be the best in all the senses. Behind the beauty of any person, the eyes plays and important role. there are some eye care tips.

If you take some precautions very seriously about the eyes, I’m damn sure that you will safe by not wearing the ugly glasses in your life.

Natural Tips of Eye care

  • Green Coriander : Green coriander is beneficial for our eyes. First you take the coriander and grind it and grind its juice. Now Put that juice in a clean cloth and filter and pour regular two-two drops in your eyes. This measure increases the eyesight. To increase the eyesight, you have to do some exercise.
  • Carrot Juice : By removing the deficiency of Vitamin A, the carrot juice makes your eyes sharp. You drink regular carrot juice. By doing this, your weak eyes will be cured soon.
  • Benefits of green grass for the Eyes: Get up early in the morning and walk barefoot in green grass. By doing this, your weak eyes will recover quickly. This is a very effective way to increase eye light.
  • Apple : Apple juice or apple marmalade is very beneficial for both eyesight. Eating regular apple, apple jam increases eyesight.
  • How to remove eyesight from yoga : Regularly you wake up in the morning and rub each of your hands and then keep them in your eyes. This way the eyesight increases. Keep the eyelids fast and open at least twenty. I.e. blink
  • Tratak posture is beneficial for eyes : Tratak is an posture that removes the weakness of the eyes. For this you Burn a candle in a dark room and keep watching it until you get water from your eyes. If you want you can burn the lamp too.

Some Eye care tips to be noted

  • Mix two drops of lemon in rose water and pour 2-2 drops in the eyes, it will also give coolness to your eyes.
  • Make sure you have at least 8 hours of sleep to give complete relief to the eyes, this will make you feel stress-less.
  • Massage of mustard oil in the soles of the feet increases the eyesight.
  • There are carbon particles in mascara or surma etc. which can scratches on cornea and conjunctiva. So use them out of the eyes, not inside.
  • Do yoga and pranayama for the care of eyes. In particular, do the anlooms, and do pranayama, because it brings the best results for delicate eyes.
  • To keep moisture in the eyes, drink more water and drink juice too.
  • According to modern research, green tea is very beneficial for eyes. There are antioxidants called Ketchinas, which protect eyes.
  • Eyes are very Sensitive So, When you go out in the sunny day, Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. This is how eyesight will remain clear forever
  • While using Smartphone, Some people forget to take a rest for a while and they also forget to blink their eyes. Doing this is extremely harmful for the eyes.
  • Increase the use of green leaves and salads in the food. Spinach is also good for eyes.
  • While working on the computer, keep the distance of 20-30 inches from the computer screen and when you sit in front of the TV, keep the TV at least 35 meters. So that these harmful rays have little impact on your eyes.

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