Teeth Cleaning and Teeth Maintain Healthy Care Tips

By | April 22, 2018

Today, we will learn about a common problem related to the health of the mouth and learn how little caution and awareness can save us from the decomposition and toothache and also about teeth cleaning.

Friends, pain in the tooth is considered to be a common problem, but when a person has a toothache, then his life goes away. It is also difficult to speak properly due to this pain. Sometimes due to excessive pain, difficulties occur in drinking. Often, we want teeth to be shiny, beautiful like pearls, but those who suffer pain know the importance of strong teeth.

Therefore, every time in every advertisement, healthy gums, strong teeth are said. But you have to pay attention to one thing that not only use good toothpaste is not enough for healthy teeth. Rather, you have to keep for a healthy teeth cleaning.

Causes of Tooth Decay

  • Food and Drink : The food source, which contains high levels of carbohydrate and sugar, increases the risk of teeth degradation, if food is sticky, like toffee, sweets, potato chips, then the risk of decomposition is even more.
  • Dental cleaning and their texture : Doing the cleaning of teeth properly is like invitation to rot. It is necessary to clean teeth twice daily. In this way, you can reduce the growth of bacteria present in the mouth and also clean the trapped food products. To keep the teeth clean you should brush, floss and mouthwash in the right way.
  • Bacteria present : Everyone cleanses any bacteria in their mouth. But how well we clean our mouth determines whether the bacterial level will increase or decrease. And if there is a rise in them, then there is a rotting factor for them.
    As soon as you stop eating the bacteria begin their work, they create a kind of white layer on the teeth that we call plaques. This plaque is the home of the bacteria and can be stopped by brushing it twice in a regular manner. Bacteria present in the mouth require carbohydrate and sugars to form acid, which leads to tooth decay.

Dental Care Tips & Home Remedies

  • If there is a pain in the teeth due to the worm in the tooth, add a little camphor in the juice of the orange juice and apply it on the tooth. Or make a paste by mixing sesame oil in the camphor and massage the paste from the paste. Doing so will relieve you of short-term teeth pain.
  • Put a little bit of salt in the boiling water of the neem and rinse it, it will give relief in the pain of a tooth.
  • If you are having severe pain in the tooth, mix turmeric and salt well in the mustard oil on the painful place. This will give you instant relief in toothache.
  • Asafetida also reduces the pain of teeth. Mix asafetida in the seasonal juice and make paste. Now in this paste, Apply this Paste in the tooth using Cotton Ball, which is causing pain in the teeth. After some time, remove Cotton Ball. Doing this twice a day will remove the pain of a tooth and also help for teeth cleaning.
  • Add a pinch of pepper and a pinch of salt to a boiled water. Now, the teeth in which it is in pain, put it in that tooth. Both salt and pepper have anti-bacterial properties, which reduce the pain of teeth.
  • Teeth cleaning twice daily, once in morning and once in Evening.

Some Advice to be Noted

  • Do not rubbish the brushes more loud and do not last for more than 2 minutes. Learned the best way to brush.
  • Eat less sweet and sticky products
  • Use mouthwash.
  • Taking Saraso oil in the lemon peel, massage of teeth helps to correct the pain of a toothache. Gums are strengthened by lemon, and there is no problem of pyoric in the teeth.

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