Types of Tea and its Benefits

By | June 7, 2018

Most people like to drink tea. The beginning of people’s day is starts from drinking tea. Many people get energy by consuming tea as well as spend their whole day better. There are many types of tea like Green Tea, Black Tea, Ginger Tea, Rose Tea and their many health benefits. There are many such teas in which antioxidants are present that help your body detoxify and prevent infection. Apart from this, caffeine in tea is present in high doses which strengthens your brain. There are many such teas that are herbal and they help your body fight bacteria and germs.

There are many types of tea and they also have health benefits. There are several such teas in which antioxidants and polyphenols are present that help your body detoxify.

  • Green Tea : Lose weight with Green Tea. Green-T has powerful antioxidants and polyphenols, which prevents free-radicals from being damaged and keeps overall health better. Apart from this, Green-T consumption also controls your weight.
  • Black Tea : Black tea contains Polyphemus that control your cholesterol. Apart from this, consumption of black tea also reduces the problems associated with your stomach. Black tea contains antioxidant which also reduces the problem of teeth.
  • Ginger Tea :Ginger tea enhances energy. Ginger enhances energy and works like a simulator. This helps in digesting our food properly and reduces the problem of ghee. Anti-inflammatory properties in ginger reduce the pain of patients with arthritis.
  • Cardamom Tea : Cardamom tea reduces the problem of colds and colds. Calcium and potassium are high in Cardamom, which reduces your stomachache and cures colds and colds. Apart from this, it destroys caffeine from your body. Drinking tea with cardamom also freshenes the minds of women during periods.
  • Piperimant Tea : Peppermint contains magnesium, calcium, fiber and potassium which helps improve digestion and also reduces the problem of G-recoil. PiperMint Tea intake also removes your headache and provides relief from menstrual cramps.
  • Raspberry Tea : This is a herbal tea. Which contains the properties of medicines. It is usually given to the pregnant woman for the cure of the uterus during labor. However, being a medicinal product, anyone can consume it.
  • Rose Tea : To keep the skin soft, people are consuming daily tee. As is evident from the name, it is made from rose petals.
  • Chamomile Tea : Chamomile teas make estrase dry the leaves of the plant. Which is not similar to the common tea. But is beneficial for health.
  • Yellow Tea : This is expensive and rare tea. It is made by steam in a dump cloth.
  • Ollong Tea : The taste of oolong tea is harder than other teas. It is largely sown as black tea.
  • Star Anis Tea : It is made from the fruits of the bamboo plant in China. Which is beneficial for the body.

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