Natural Ways to make Mosquito Pesticide Repellent at Home

By | June 9, 2018

The problem of mosquito pesticide is everywhere and they also get many types of repellent in the mosquito drug market, but the medicines we use for mosquitoes also harm us, But if we get rid of mosquitoes from Natural Ways, then we can avoid them and many diseases, let’s know the natural ways of killing mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes do not bother in all the weather, but in monsoon it starts to bother more than anything else, their impact will not be reduced, along with bites of mosquitoes in monsoon increases the risk of serious diseases such as dengue and malaria. To avoid mosquitoes, if you use some natural remedies, it is very beneficial, but nowadays mosquito ticks and medicines come in, but using it also damages our body. The coconut which we carry, causes the harm to be equal to 100 cigarettes, instead of using them, we should destroy mosquito pesticide by natural means.

As the weather gets hot, the number of mosquitoes increases in homes. In this case, chemicals, spray and refills in the market are also not available. If you are too disturbed then these measures can be done to get rid of mosquitoes.

You can try below Home Remedies and Natural Tips to get Prevention from Mosquito Pesticide

  • Kapoor : Burn the Kapoor in the room and close the window and doors for 10 minutes. All the mosquitoes will run away.
  • Peppermint : The mosquitoes run away by spraying the juice of mint leaves. It can also be applied to the body.
  • Pour basil juice : Mosquitoes do not bite by putting juice of basil leaves on the body. Tulsi plant kept in houses keeps mosquitoes away.
  • Neem oil : Put neem oil in hands or feet, or by adding to coconut oil, burn mosquitoes lamps.
  • Garlic : The sharp odor of garlic keeps mosquitoes away. Apply garlic juice on the body or spray it.
  • Lavender : Not only is it aromatic, but there is a great way to avoid mosquitoes. The fragrance of this flower is effective, causing mosquitoes to run away. To use this home remedies, sprinkle lavender oil as a natural freshener in a room.
  • Celery and mustard oil : Add celery powder in mustard oil and keep the cardboard pieces aside and keep it in the room. Mosquito will not come near.
  • Lemon and Eucalyptus oil : Once the liquid is finished in mosquito refill, fill it with lemon juice and eucalyptus oil. This can also be applied on the hands and feet.

Useful Guidance to Keep yourself away from Mosquitoes

  • Mosquito nets will not come in the way of planting mangoes in the house because mosquito lilies do not come where trees are.
  • To avoid mosquitoes, you can squeeze the basil leaves and rub it on the skin, and plant basil plant in your house, basil plant is also helpful in dispelling mosquitoes.
  • Make a soft massage of soybean oil. This will keep mosquitoes away. Apart from this, Eucolyptus oil is also very effective.
  • Black pepper aroma oil is also helpful in mosquito repellent.
  • The electrifying island of mosquito kill also can be killed by it.
  • Use mosquito net to avoid mosquitoes.
  • Do not cut mosquitoes by putting mustard oil on the body.

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