Get Rid of Smoking | Why its directly affects to Your Health

By | June 24, 2018

How to Get Rid of Smoking and Why its directly affects to Your Health. We all know how much smoking is harmful to our health. Even then, millions of people are smoking and most of them are addicted to smoking cigarettes.

There are so Many harmful chemicals found in cigarette. Including tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia. But the most fatal thing is that nicotine, which is not so harmful in a small amount, but if it is taken continuously, it proves to be the most dangerous. Nicotine is the biggest cause of smoking habit.

Smoking has become a hobby for people in today’s modern era. It is a kind of addiction that gets very difficult if you get used to it. Smoking affects the health of smokers, and it causes many kinds of diseases. If a person needs to be healthy then they should not smoke.

Quitting smoking habit is the biggest challenge. As with other addictions, due to the habit of smoking, there is physical and mental reactions in the body. There are many ways by which you can quit smoking. It includes nicotine patches, hypnosis and medicines. Although very few of us know that we can get rid of this addiction without the use of any medicines.

Get Rid of Smoking – Quick Guide

Make a Plan

  • In order to successfully get rid of smoking, you must recognize your habit of smoking well, recognize your reliance on that habit and identify the method by which you can successfully quit this habit.
  • Think about what type of smoker you are, when you need a cigarette and why.
  • This will help you identify the advice, techniques and therapies that can be the most beneficial for you.

Exercise to Suppress the Desire

  • Physical activity is helpful in reducing the desire of nicotine.
  • Wear shoes and run when your desire comes to smoke cigarette.
  • Even a light wholesome workout can also be helpful, such as rotating your dog or cleaning the garden grass.
  • As soon as you stop smoking, you will also stop growing your weight due to burn extra calories.

Bet with friends

  • You can bet with your friend and set a date for quitting and you can quit smoking at that time.
  • Make your friend your partner in this, who can get you out of it.

Control stress

  • One major reason for smoking is that nicotine relaxes them with stress.
  • Once you get rid of smoking, you can adopt another method of reducing stress.
  • Massage regularly, listen to casual music or learn yoga or Tai Chi.
  • If possible, avoid stress-related conditions for a few weeks after quitting smoking.

Baking soda cocktail

  • Baking pigment increases the amount of pH in the urine, due to which nicotine present in the body emits out of the body in a small amount.
  • This reduces the desire to take nicotine.
  • Take half a spoon baking soda three times a day.
  • Another way is to take two tablespoons of baking soda and mix it in a glass and drink it after each meal.

Fruits and vegetables

  • When the milk, cellar, carrot is eaten before smoking, its taste starts bitter.
  • it leaves horrible taste in the mouth, due to which the smoker can’t smoke cigarette.

Be Yourself with Friend

  • If a friend or a member of a family wants to leave this habit then advise them that you will leave the two together.
  • Their encouragement and solidarity make a big difference.

Eat Foods that Rich in Vitamin C

  • Oranges, lemon, barley and guava Consuming more quantity reduces the desire to smoke cigarettes.
  • This is because cigarettes prevent the supply of vitamin C in your body which causes your body to lose its nicotine.

Reward Yourself

  • Due to the habit of smoking, you will get the benefit of health as well as save your money.
  • Use some of these leftover money for any other entertainment.

Pay Penalties

  • Deal with your friend so whenever you smoke, you can pay the penalty to him. This will get you rid of the habit of smoking.

Chew the cinnamon

  • This is the easiest home remedy to get yourself away from nicotine habit by chewing cinnamon.


  • Whenever there is a desire to smoke cigarettes then eat snacks, such as chips, papad, pickles, etc.
  • Whenever you want to smoke cigarettes then you keep a little salt on the tongue, the desire to smoking cigarette will be gone.

Intake of nuts

  • The smell of dried fruits reduces the desire of smoking.

Be friends with people who do not smoke cigarettes

  • When people around you, family members or people working with you smoke cigarettes, then in such a situation it is difficult to quit smoking.
  • Everyone in your social circle should know that you are changing your habit, so tell everyone about your decision.
  • Keep yourself around of such people who do not smoke and who can help you to get rid of smoking.

Chew gum

  • Sugar-free candy or chewing gum keep your mouth busy and reduce the desire to smoke cigarettes.
  • Skip the cigarette slowly (if you are leaving slowly, keep in mind that you have set a date for leaving cigarettes completely) .

Believe in yourself

  • Believe that you can leave it. Remember those hard and tough things that you have done before in your life and realize that you have the courage and persistence to get rid of smoking habit. this is up to you.

Keep your teeth clean

  • If you keep your teeth bright, you will be even more worried to get rid of smoking. Just because you wanna keep your teeth clean and shine.

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