Nail Polish Side Effect – Increased body Weight

Did you know that the nail polish that you’re applying is really harmful for your health? It could increase your weight. Yeah, you’ll look beautiful by this but it doesn’t more important than good health. So, What are the Nail Polish Side Effect ? The chemical triphenyl phosphate used in nail polish causes significant damage… Read More »

Seasonal Health Problems – Monsoon, the Home of Diseases

The Season of Monsoon is the home of diseases. Most bacteria-insects are active in this season, because this environment is favorable to them. Bacteria grow constantly due to the presence of temperature and humidity. This is the reason that at this time the most risk is viral. The effect of these days is increasing, because… Read More »

Check this Out to Forget all Stomach Related Problems

Almond removes many stomach related Problems. The Probiotics present in almond increases the number of good bacteria in the body, which helps to stable up the digestion system of your stomach. There’s much more benefit to eat out the soaked almond from water than the dried ones. Almonds contain vitamins-E, calcium, zinc, magnesium, omega-3 fatty… Read More »

Get Vaccinated If You have Weak Immunity System

Get Vaccinated if you have really weak and poor immunity system. Vaccine is a one type of a biological chemical. It has Micro bacteria which increases the resistance and fight against many diseases. If the vaccination can not be done in time, then take the booster dose with the consultation from the doctor. This allows the… Read More »

Lower Sperm Count ? Its Time to do Something Right Away

Lower Sperm Count ? Then Try to figure out some bad habits. If you are not getting the results of family planning even after many efforts, then once again, consider your poor habits too responsible for it. In Today’s lifestyle and eating habits are not only affecting our bodies but also affecting on our body’s… Read More »

Beauty Tips for Men | Home Remedies | Ayurveda

It is not only necessary for women to take care of skin as well as men also need to pay the same attention. Men’s skin is more rigid than women, due to which ordinary soap, lotion and cream are neutralized on them. Men should regularly take care of their skin, for which the following are… Read More »

Urinary Infection Home Remedies, Causes, Symptoms

In this Article we are going to discuss about What are the Urinary Infection Home Remedies, Causes and Symptoms. Urinary Infection – Causes Urinary infections are problem with microorganisms. Most UTIs are caused by bacteria, but sometimes it also spreads through fungus and viruses. This is the most common infection in humans. UTI can be… Read More »

Dementia Types and Causes | The Short Term Memory Loss Problem

Dementia Types and Causes, The Short Term Memory Loss Problem. The absence of forgetfulness is that temporary and affected short-term memory is a form of memory loss. Common causes and risk factors for forgetting illness and memory loss include concomitant psychological problems, trauma or head injury and so forth. The symptoms of the onset of… Read More »